Who am I?



Guess it all started back when I was a kid: the curiosity that drove me towards small adventures and the desire to explore, go somewhere, do something. New people, new places, new things to ponder on, stuff to wonder on when you wander about. My parents always took me on summer holidays and though the earlier trips wasn’t wildly exotic, I believe it left a lasting impression when we swam in huge Swedish lakes and they made me cycle 300km on a 2 week summertrip when I was 6: The first sign that adventure, dreams and experiences are not linear connected with your budget.

So I always wanted to travel and I think I felt from an early age that I learned something during my travels. Not only was it fun, interesting, relaxing and beautiful, my boundaries was also pushed. The feeling of being on your own, a foreign language, new values, different cultures, social interactions and a widening horizon as you listened to other viewpoints and stories. When I started making my own money they were channeled towards travelling and when I finally had some “real” money to invest in an appartment I figured it would be more fun to quit my job and blow it all on a bicycle journey around the planet.


Other than that, Henrik…

  • Respects your actions and viewpoints for whatever reason, as long as you are not harming yourself or others.
  • Likes food and loves to break his own “culinary taboos” by eating weird stuff. Rat, anyone? Cow-piss?
  • Born November 1981 in Denmark by an Icelandic mum with a Danish dad
  • Likes infinitely sad music, but considers himself a very happy person.
  • Started his first “consistent” cycling fairly late when he was 24 years old, mainly because he was in bad shape and his brother called him “choppy”. That had some serious long-term consequences…
  • Consider himself a follower of pragmatism and a socially very active person
  • Is sure that there is aliens “out-there”. But is not sure whether Earth will ever meet them.
  • Would like to own a small, funny car one day, like a Citroen 2CV.
  • Rarely watches TV as he would prioriotize other stuff. Likes to watch TV with others though.
  • Discovered that you actually could cycle through entire countries when he found himself bored in Portugal and rented a bicycle and cycled from Lisbon to Porto (in jeans, no patch-kit and only one small day-bag).
  • Lived at a 1000-people student dormitory in Copenhagen for 3 years and had soooo much fun
  • Considers his lack of patience to be his best and worst personal trait
  • Is accused of being “movie-illiterate”, as he often doesn’t understand the plot.
  • Thinks India is one of the most culturally interesting places on Earth
  • Likes to sail and wants to sail across the Pacific one day, and visit all the remote little islands in Micronesia
  • Was actually very happy with his life, friends and job, prior to cycling around the world and was not “running away” from anything.



Full Name: Henrik Frederiksen

Nationality: Denmark citizen (Danish dad and Icelandic mum)

Age: Born 30. November 1981

Background: Master of Science in Marine Civil Engineering

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Earlier Bicycle Trips:

– Lisabon-Porto (2006, 420 km)

– Copenhagen-Amsterdam (2006, 884 km)

– Boston-LA-Mexico City (2007, 11.707 km)

– Milano – Athens ( 2010, 2.336 km)


Earlier Travels:

– Many trips in Europe with family as a kid (1983-1998)

– Phoenix, USA, High-School exchange student (1998-1999, 10 months)

– Western Europe, by train, travelling (2001, 1 month)

– India, Volunteer work + travel (2002-2003, 5 months)

– Brazil, Travelling (2003, 2 months)

– Venezuela, Travelling (2004, 2 months)

– Scandinavia, by train, travelling (2005, 1 month)

– Portugal, Travelling + bicycle touring (2006, 1 month)

– Denmark to Holland, Bicycle Touring (2006, 1 week)

– Greenland, University Field work (2006, 1 month)

– Malaysia + Thailand, briefly travelling on some “almost-free” tickets (2006, ½ month)

– USA + Mexico, Bicycle touring (2007, 6 months)

– Singapore, University Exchange Student (2008, 5 months)

– Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Borneo (Many trips while in Singapore)

– Iceland, Travelling (2008, ½ month)

– Australia-Indonesia, transporting a sailboat 3500 nautical miles from Mackay to Bali (2009,1½ month)

– The North Sea, working offshore(2010, 3 months)

– The Balkans, Bicycle Touring (2010, 1 month)

– UK, Barrow-in-Furness, Stationed for work (2010-2011, 8 months)