A great thanks to the sponsors, who help make this happen. They listened and believed in the journey and the dream. And most importantly, they have supported the concept of thinking out-of-the-box; a philosophy that can lead to great changes…




NIRAS sponsors worldonbike.com by providing the two bikes. Like worldonbike.com NIRAS has an international focus and is not afraid of challenges and problem solution in the field.

NIRAS is an international, multidisciplinary consultancy company with over 1200 employees located in offices in Europe, Asia and Africa.

Our business is to provide impartial consultancy within the fields of construction, infrastructure, public utilities, environment, energy, planning, socioeconomics, management, IT and development consulting.




Oreneco is a proud sponsor of worldonbike.com as Oreneco also are aligned with the concept of hard work, good planning and a stubborn will to exercise projects in foreign countries and cultures

Oreneco offers services within the offshore renewable energy sector: Construction Management, Offshore Client Representation, Health& Safety and QA. Since the beginning of the offshore wind farm industry, Oreneco has been involved in the construction of these huge projects to create clean energy at sea. Together, Oreneco staff have been involved in more than 10 offshore wind farm projects and have a vast experience in construction and wind turbine installation.


Henrik Hansen Ltd.


Henrik Hansen Ltd. is sponsoring the worldonbike.com project and its international focus and tireless effort to overcome large challanges.

Henrik Hansen Ltd. offers services within the offshore wind farm construction industry: onshore and offshore works. Activities includes: Foundation preparation, installation assistance, welding, offshore rigging, heavy lifts, snagging.