Bamboo raft

The 1st detour

a homemade bamboo raft down the mighty Amazon River. Unsupported.

This is the story of two guys who ventured deep into the Ecuadorian jungle where they constructed a bamboo raft and floated for 4 months unsupported through the vast wilderness of the Amazon Rainforest on the largest river on our planet.

Peycho and Henrik spent a month constructing the raft, on their own design ideas and quickly after they departed, they met Misha, who became a part of the raft. Throughout the 4 months, they lived out their intrepid adventure, sucking up everything that was thrown at them: A wild and unpredictable river, violent crashes, a somewhat uncontrollable raft, virgin jungle, indigenous tribes, tropical rainstorm that took their roof and a fearful presence of river pirates.

The Book: We drifted into the Amazon.HENRIK COVERresized

– a homemade bamboo raft down the mighty Amazon River, unsupported.
By Henrik Frederiksen

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The true story written first hand about how the idea got started, the construction process, the countless indigenous encounters, the dangers, fears and frustrations, the tropical storms that took the roof and why I have never felt as happy as I did, when I had a machine gun to my head.

Review on, 5 out of 5 stars:
“…I read this entire book in 3 separate readings …”
“…I enjoyed every page…”
“…certainly well written and very entertaining…”